Too much Christmas?

Going into this past weekend and this week, I knew I had a lot of merry good times ahead of me. I had tried to mentally prepare as best as I could, but due to my inability to stay awake yesterday, it is safe to say that the holidays got the best of me.

Afternoon naps are glorious; however, I would classify this one as straight sleeping.

Christmas in New York is no joke. We do it big here. Literally:

To celebrate appropriately, I crammed all of my shopping and celebrating into one long weekend. For the past few days I’ve been eating, drinking, and shopping my way around the city.

On Friday I made good use of my “had to use” vacation time and took off so I could have a girls day with my mom and sister. We did as many girls and:




Yes, we made it to Barney’s where we had to make a stop at Lady Gaga’s Workshop because my mom’s a huge fan. However, not enough of a fan to buy a chocolate relipca of her shoes for a marked up $$!

The rest of the weekend wasn’t much different. I met up with some friends and had a boozy brunch and then proceeded to get ready for 2 holiday parties. I was feeling all festive in my red holiday dress until I burnt my forehead on the curling iron. #HolidayGlamFail

The result of a holiday filled weekend can be seen in my knocked-out-oblivious-to-the-world photo above. I spent my Sunday nursing myself back to health and making zero effort into convincing myself that I should go out for a run. The closest I came to running was reading everyone’s tweets about how cold it was while running. Not running decision solidified.

I will now try and pace myself considering Christmas hasn’t even happened yet. This week I’ll be sweating out all of my holiday consumed cheer and gearing up for the actual big day.

Happy Running and (not being PC at all) Merry Christmas! Make sure to pace yourself accordingly!


Waking Up Is Hard To Do

Now, I know the song is really “Breaking Up” but in my head I hear “Waking Up Is Hard To Do” because that is just more applicable to my morning routine. Although I can be a morning person when I need to be (I use to row and for a season straight I was up at 4:30 for morning practice before high school*ew*) I would rather stay warm and cozy in bed.

Every night I have the same conversation with the BF.

Me: I want to go for a run in the morning.
BF: Ok. Let’s do it.
Me: Yess, I really want to.
BF: Ok.

The next morning

Me: I’ll go to the gym after work.

So as you can see from my daily conversation/routine, I have some problems waking up and actually getting out the door in the morning. Especially now that it’s cold out and the heat is pumping in the morning, I find it impossible to reach for my spandex and voluntarily inflict (what some say) torture on myself.

My lack of AM running is definitely not caused by not waking up.

Exhibit A

I have my bedside alarm all cued up and ready to wake me up with some worldly-news courtesy of NPR. Typically this alarm gets slammed with a heavy hand hitting snooze no less than 6 times.

Exhibit B

This lovely little cylinder is my light alarm clock. Before moving to my current apartment, I had shared an apartment where my bedroom didn’t have a window. Now, some people are probably like, “Whattttt?????!!!” whereas some New Yorkers are probably like, “Yeah. Sounds about right.” Having a bedroom that didn’t have a window was lovely on weekends where all you wanted to do was sleep. I could have slept though a tornado due to the fact that my room was pitch black and silent.

This light alarm clock gradually wakes you up by simulating a sunrise and birds chirping (I wish I was kidding about the birds) Although it use to be effective, I find myself shouting every morning, “Shut the birds off”, which isn’t an effective wake-up thought to have.

Exhibit C

You can never count out the old iPhone to wake you up. Unfortunately, no matter where or how far away from bed I position my phone, I always end up shutting it off and climbing back into bed.

I know you just listened to a whole lot of complaining and I could ask “What should I do?” But, I’m not going to. I know what the answer will be/what I need to do:

    Go to bed earlier
    – JUST DO IT

Ok! Thanks for the help!

Do you have trouble getting up in the morning? What do you do to get your workout in the AM??

Blackberry Jet is out and Running

I’m beginning to see a consistent trend in my running apparel. Even though my favorite color is yellow, I always tend to be drawn to berry colors. For some reason almost all of my cold weather running gear is made up of pinky-maroonie colors and purples. Now normally this wouldn’t be a problem; however, when it gets super cold out (as it is rapidly here in NYC) I tend to where them all at the same time.

After the Rock ‘n’ Roll 10k where I layered up in October due to the freak snow storm, my BF looked at me and dubbed me BLACKBERRY JET!

You can tell by my face just how cold it was for the 10K. Waiting 40 minutes for the subway definitely didn’t help either. Blackberry Jet was not a happy camper.

So while the temps drop and the snow begins to fall, I’ll be sprinting (more like trotting while shivering) around Central Park to live up to my new winter running nickname! Even mother nature wanted to get in on some Blackberry Jet action and donned me with a wonderfully beautiful sunset while running around the reservoir.

Watch out NYC runners, I’ll be out and about this winter in way too similar colors, but don’t worry it’s just to live up to my cold-weather-running-alter-ego!

Was it worth it? (Restaurant Reviews)

I like eating. A LOT. The spicier & saucier the better.

To make up for my lack of eating out recently, as well as, my need to catch up with friends, I jammed in 2 brunches and a dinner into the weekend. Normally, I would think that sounds a bit excessive and glutenous, but I was up to the task!

First Up: Good Enough to Eat

I’ve been wanting to try this place for sometime now, but every time I’ve tried to go there has been a crazy line. Although this time was no different, my friend and I decided to give it a go since we had a lot to catch up on. After waiting in the line (and cold) for a while we decided to ask the hostess how long the wait was gonna be. Luckily for us, she had 2 seats at the bar. Never being one to be too picky about my feet not touching the ground while eating, we scooped up the seats.

The menu was basic brunch fare; however, they had something genius. It may sound simple in concept and it is, but you don’t find it many places. They had waffles with bacon IN it. AMAZING and CONVENIENT all in one bite! Now, you would think that I would get it. It’s something I’ve always wanted and I had been slightly craving something sweet. Alas, I asked the waitress what she recommended and she went the omelet route. Although I instantly regretted not going with my gut and stomach for the bacon waffles, the omelet was still really good. Thick cut bacon and generous amount of cheese. Always a positive in my book.

Was it worth it? YES. I will definitely be bacon for those damn bacon waffles

Next Up: The Dutch

WARNING: All of the pictures from the meal are poorly lit because I didn’t want to be “that girl” taking photos with the flash on.

Now, I’ve been hearing some good things about The Dutch so I wanted to see for myself what all the fuss is about. Upon arriving, I was ushered into the bar area to await the rest of my group; however, I couldn’t even get close enough to the bar to see the cocktail list. After shouting across the bar to the bartender that I wanted a class of red wine, I then had to stand awkwardly between people sitting at the bar and people sitting at their tables eating dinner.

Not a good start.

The only bright side to the meal was the first few bites. Maybe I’m just a sucker for oyster. (Well, not maybe, I definitely am) The fried oyster sliders were delicious. A little 3 bite wonder. Although the oysters were fried, the oyster itself was still able to be on the raw side. Perfection! πŸ™‚

We then had to follow those little bites with some fresh oysters. Also, deliciously sweet and briny. I ❀ Oysters.

From there it went downhill quickly. We has the pecan duck, a pork chop, and the brussels sprouts. The duck was prepared perfectly; however, it was missing something. Like I said earlier, “the saucier the better”, I think this dish was missing some sauce. The brussels sprouts were good but nothing crazy spectacular. The pork chop isn’t even worth talking about because it was a huge hunk of fatty meat that had zero sauce on it and some flaccid greens.

Was it worth it? NO. The Dutch is overpriced and mediocre. There are much better places, and cheaper, places in New York where I would much rather go.

Second Brunch: Neely’s Barbecue Parlor

For my second brunch of the weekend, I worked my way over to the east side to meet up with one of my girlfriends and to check out her new apartment. We met up at Neely’s for some BBQ! I had never heard of Neely’s; however, I was familiar with the celebrity chef couple who are often on The Best Thing I Ever Ate on the Food Network ( one of my personal favorite shows!)

I ended up going with ribs and mac ‘n cheese because why not?! The food came out at lightning speed which I’m not the biggest fan of. I typically like to have a few minutes between ordering and getting your food to actually make you want it!

However, the food was good! The ribs fell off the bone and the mac ‘n cheese was one of the best I’ve had (Sorry grandpa!)

And, Neely’s followed my “the saucier the better” mindset:

Was it worth it? YES. For north eastern BBQ, it was good. Maybe not the BEST BBQ in NYC; however, it was worth it!

Now, after a weekend of eating I need to go take a nap.

Did you eat anything good this weekend?

Weekly Recap Through Photos!

I’m a terrible blogger. I’m sorry! I’ve only been a “blogger” for a week and I’ve already fallen off the wagon. Sorry! I’ll try and recommit to posting things on a more regular basis.

Bad Julianne. Bad Julianne.

Anyways, to get you up-to-date on what I’ve been doing this weekend I’ll do a weekly recap through pictures!


This was my dinner on Monday. Yup that’s Nutella. Supposedly it’s part of a complete breakfast, but I call it delicious.

I then washed my healthy/nutrious dinner down with some more Nutella


I actually got up and went for a rainy run!


StairMaster & Pilates with my fav instructor!


Hitting the chocolate hard since I was a few days behind in my Advent calendar! Some may call it hoarding…


Today I will try and limit my chocolate consumption while gearing up for the weekend.

This weekend I plan to get in some good runs, brunching/catching up with friends, and (possibly most importantly) updating my blog layout so your eyes don’t burn every time you try and read/navigate around. You would never guess that I work “online” by this blogs appearance, I like to keep a low profile!

Did you have a good week? Do you have any fun weekend plans? Going running?

Running in the Rain

What a wonderfully-rainy morning! After being sidelined due to my neck break down , I hadn’t gone for a run since last week.

After a long Monday at work, I went to the gym to clear my head and get in my first run of the week. Unfortunately, the music on my phone wasn’t working and I forgot my iPod so I was stuck running to the RHOA (Real Housewives of Atlanta for all the non-Bravo watchers).

Now, trying to run on the treadmill is hard. It always feels more labored. I get bored. I get annoyed by the person next to me who is always a heavy breather or a stomper. So although I was happy to be back “up and running” I did not feel great about my measly 3.3 miles.

To redeem myself, I got up this AM and got in a nice rainy morning run along the reservoir.

I’m awake. I swear.

I may not be the norm, but I LOVE the rain and I LOVE running in the rain. When I run in the run I always just seem to forget about what I’m doing and have fun. It also doesn’t hurt that it’s December and it’s 50’s and rainy opposed to snow!

So, after an annoying run at the gym I was able to have a nice morning run around the reservoir and get down to work nice an early. Even though I love the rain, I hate walking around the city in it, which led me to stay at home and work today.

Happy Tuesday! Get in a rainy run or get yourself one of these,

A weekend of eating and not running

Last week I was being so good. I was running. I was getting up in the morning. I was cross-training at the gym. Then, without warning my neck/back freaked out on me. At least once a year I get wicked neck pains.

This is the face of misery:

The closes thing I could compare it to is a stiff neck to the umpteenth degree. Even though I kept trying to fool myself and say I could run, I knew that (especially since I’m not officially training) I should take this time to rest and heal my neck.

So I did. This weekend couldn’t have been any more relaxing and perfect!

On Friday night, I went to the opera at The Met. The BF picked up on my subtle hints about wanting to go to the opera and got me tickets to see La Boheme for my birthday. It. was. spectacular.

If you’ve never been to the opera, I’d highly recommend it if you love the theater and grandiose music. The rest of the evening the BF and I sang everything to each other. You’d be surprised that it didn’t have the same effect and the people around us didn’t enjoy it. I’m not a singer but I can try to be!

After leaving Lincoln Center, we headed uptown to take advantage of a Scoutmob offer at a local grease hall, Big Nick’s Burger Joint & Pizza Joint . (If you’re a New Yorker you should definitely download this app., it’s another coupon site; however, you don’t have to buy it in advance!)

We went from the opera to mozzarella sticks. My life’s a balancing act, what can I say!

Saturday was also full of delicious food, friends, and zero attempt of lacing up running sneakers.

I met up with one of my friends for brunch and “Christmas Shopping” that ended up being Lululemon shopping. Since I’m semi new to my neighborhood I’m trying to eat my way around. For brunch we ended up at Nice Matin where I had a delicious salad. Although it may sound healthy, don’t worry there was bacon in it!

We then made our way (again) to Lincoln Center where I did some much awaited Lululemon shopping . I originally had asked my parents for “tickets” (super general); however, after my opera jaunt I figured I would give into my obsessive yearnings. I walked out happy as can be with my new purchases, and now especially can’t wait to go for a run tomorrow morning.

All in all. I would say this was a successful weekend. This girl definitely won’t have a case of the Mondays tomorrow!

Happy December!

Happy December!

I hope you didn’t forget to say “Rabbit Rabbit” this morning. I always try to remember but really the first thing I always do or say is, “Reallyyyyy. I’m not getting up yet.” Then I proceed to roll over and hide my head under the pillow while my alarm blast some story on NPR.

Even though I may have bad luck for the next month because I was grumbling under my pillow and throwing eye daggers at my alarm clock, there are 3 reasons why I’m especially excited for December and the holidays to commence!

    1) I don’t have to look at this ever again. Or at least until next year.

    You may or may not have heard about Movemeber. For all of the uninformed, Movember is:

    “…men start Movember 1st clean shaven. For the rest of the month, these selfless and generous men, known as Mo Bros, groom, trim and wax their way into the annals of fine moustachery. Supported by the women in their lives, Mo Sistas, Movember Mo Bros raise funds by seeking out sponsorship for their Mo-growing efforts.

    Mo Bros effectively become walking, talking billboards for the 30 days of November. Through their actions and words they raise awareness by prompting private and public conversation around the often ignored issue of men’s health.”

    I’ve been a good sport and endured a month of my BFs attempt to grow a moustache. However, it’s now December 1st and that little catipillar is gone πŸ™‚

    2) Dailymile is having a secret Santa!

    I’m super excited about this! For all the runners out there you should join. It’s simple

      Sign up
      – Get a runner a fun running gift for ~$15
      – Send it out
      – Receive your own secret running gift in the mail!

    What running fun!

    3) It’s official I’m running in the 2012 ING NYC Marathon

    I just received my personal fundraising page from TNT and will be setting/customizing it this weekend. I know I’m wayyyyy early on this, but I wanted to make sure that I committed and set my marathon goal for 2012. Now, there’s no turning back. This time next year I will be a marathoner! Stay tuned, training begins January 1st.

So let the holidays commence and preparations for having an awesome running dominated 2012 begin!

Let’s be Real

So despite all of my greatest efforts to keep my birthday from my co-workers, they somehow found out. And even though I may have tried to let the day pass they made sure I had some sugary-delicious-goodness in my life.

Yummy! They know me well. I make it a point upon meeting people that they realize my love for cupcakes. I’m glad they also got the memo.

Now down to working those cupcakes off! Even though I have just started this blog to document my running, I somehow failed to wake-up yesterday morning. I think I had a case of the Monday’s.

Monday+Coming Back From Thanksgiving Break=Sleeping in until the last possible moment.

As soon as I walked out of the door yesterday, I instantly regretted sleeping in because it was a beautiful spring-like morning. Perfect for running. Silly Jewels. So, to make up for my inactive morning I headed straight to the gym after work. Unfortunately, it gets dark to early so if I wanted to get a run in I would be confined to the treadmill.

Alas, I had this face staring back at me:

Yes, that’s Nick Lachey! He somehow powered me through 5 easy miles.

Now, this morning I didn’t want to let myself down by not getting in a morning run. SO, when my alarm went off and I heard it was already 57 degrees it was like the running gods were telling me to get my lazy butt outta bed. However, during my two loop run of the Central Park reservoir my GD watch keep showing me this:

Despite my constant efforts my watch failed me this morning. I had no clue how far I was running and at what pace. The first loop my breathing felt labored and I kept getting passed by runners (I wanted to shank them). But, by my second loop I was feeling slightly better, but not great.

Upon returning home I couldn’t even smile I was so thirsty:

Since I didn’t have my watch I had to resort to the always reliable Map My Run to tell me how far I went, which ended up being 3.8 miles (9:00 m).

While I was running I was planning on having to fess up to a slow tempo (e.g. the name of the post); however, I’m pretty happy with my pace. This run showed me that I’m still able to run. Yay πŸ™‚ But, I need to keep up with it to get my fitness levels back up to where they need to be if I want sub 2:00 hr for the 1/2 & sub 4 for 26.2!

All in all, a good morning run. Now, let’s just keep it up !

Up and Running!

Yesterday was my 24th birthday.

Now, many people love their birthdays; however, I’m not one of those people. Ever since I can remember, I would hate having the attention focused on me. One year when I was younger we went to a family friends resturanat where they have opera students perform on the weekends. Fun right? Nope. When the performers came over to sing happy birthday I ran into the bathroom crying.

I like to think that I’ve matured a bit, but I still hate people singing to me.

Now, you may be asking, “Well, if you hate your birthday why are you telling me it was yesterday and why did you create a blog about yourself?”

Well, I’ve wanted to create a blog to document my running and (more importantly, j/k.. kinda) eating. What better day to do that, than one my 24th birthday! I have no problem signing up for races and competing; however, sometimes, I fall off the training wagon. So, to keep me honest, I’m going to share my progress, success, and (probably many) failures.

In 2012 I plan to:

– Run 2 1/2 Marathons
The first half to get my fitness up after the new year. The second to PR.

RUN THE 2012 ING NYC MARATHON! After volunteering at this years race, I told myself I would do anything I needed to race next year. So, to make this happen I’ve signed up for Team in Training 2012 !

– Meet & run with fellow NYC runners!
I’m always looking to meet and run with new people.

– Eat. Eat. Eat.
Open and willing to try anything. Suggestions and friends welcome!

So, this is me and I hope you enjoy my trials and tribulations!

Don’t be a stranger and please let me know your thoughts!